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Quobba Candy Leadhead Jigs

The leadhead jig that started it all. The original versions of these were made 33 years ago with my dad, prior to a trip to Quobba Station. They were built with the main purpose of high speed spinning for shark mackerel from the legendary land based sport fishing platform, Garths Rock. Shark Mackerel are especially attracted to lures that generate a bubble trail as they are retrieved at high speed, the ultimate lure for producing this desired bubble trail is the leadhead jig. 

Over time, these versatile jigs have also accounted for their share of fish from from a boat. When used with a sweetener of fish flesh on the hook, they can be fished on the bottom for demersals, if a hookup is missed they can then be cranked up through the water column at high speed to entice a passing pelagic.

Target Species:

  • pelagics such as spanish mackerel, shark mackerel, various tuna species, various trevally, cobia etc.
  • demersals such as coral trout, red emperor, chinaman fish and rankin cod when sweetened with a sliver of fish flesh (skin on).


  • 'forged' Mustad 6/0 saltwater hook.
  • premium powder paint, oven baked to form a super durable finish.
  • tails hand bound, binding sealed for longevity with epoxy resin.
  • mylar flash strips in tail.
  • hand painted enamel eyes.