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2oz Quobba Candy Leadhead Jig

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The 2oz leadhead jig that started it all. Made famous at Quobba Station's, annual, early summer shark mackerel run.

Must have jig for northern anglers serious about high speed spinning from boats or land based platforms such as Quobba, Dirk Hartog etc. The beauty of a 2oz leadhead jig is it's a viable option no matter which way the wind is blowing. The streamlined profile will see you constantly outcasting other anglers using metals, minnows and the like.


  • forged' Mustad 6/0 hook.
  • streamlined bullet profile.
  • finished in premium hard wearing powder paint.
  • tails hand bound, binding sealed for longevity with epoxy resin.
  • bite triggering, hand painted enamel eyes.
  • mylar tail strips.


  • pelagics such as spanish mackerel, shark mackerel, various tuna etc
  • sweetened jigs (strip of bait added) for assorted demersal fish


High Speed Spin – the 2oz (56gram) weight makes it ideal for belting out from the rocks at places like Quobba and cranking back at high speed for shark mackerel and mackerel tuna. You can search for fish in the water column by letting the jig sink for varying amounts of time before you start the retrieve. Keep varying the depth/sink time until you find the fish.

Bottom Fishing – a dynamite technique for all sorts of demersals, is to add a trailing sliver of fish flesh (skin on) to the hook of the jig. The secret is to have the bait trailing out the back of the skirt in a straight line. Drop to the bottom and work it quite subtly, if you don’t hook up, crank the jig back up at speed in a bid to entice a passing pelagic.


Shark mackerel love all-white jigs. The secret to catching them is to be winding fast enough to have a bubble trail smoking out behind the jig. These jigs are ideal for casting into the prevailing onshore breezes which plaque Quobba during late November/early December, when the shark mackerel traditionally run.

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