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Pagratus Jig Heads

Heavy duty soft plastic jig heads built to target local xos pink snapper as well as large cobia and various species of tuna which regularly make lightning raids on the stones in the Gascoyne region of WA. These northern fish in particular are targeted with heavy spin gear in an effort to produce short, brutal fights and land them before the plagues of sharks which often frequent the area take both fish and jig. 

Target Species:

  • pelagics such as cobia, various tuna species, various trevally etc.
  • demersal fish such as pink snapper, dhufish, coral trout, breaksea cod etc.

Bullet profile jig heads with double barbed collars for secure soft plastic attachment. Built on 7/0 'XXX' Owner 5319 jig hooks. These forged, wide gap, super needle point and black chrome finished hooks are regarded universally as the strongest jig hooks currently available.

XXH Mustad hook versions are now available, including discounted (10%) variety packs of 5.

To round out these premium jig heads, they are finished in oven baked, hard wearing premium powder paint (including glow in the dark colours) with a clear overcoat for added finish durability.