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News and Updates

Information on new product releases and other Big John's Jigs related news.

Bucktail Jig Price Increases

Due to the world economic situation, and the fact that all bucktail tail material is imported from the USA, the cost of bucktail has unbelievably doubled recently. A single large tail is now retailing for $22.00+, up from $11.00.

I absorbed these price increases for a while but I've now had to increase my bucktail jig prices by around 10%, along with the prices of jig packs that include bucktail jigs. On the flip side, I haven't doubled my jig prices and the actual quality of the bucktail material I'm using is improving.

Thank you for your understanding. 


We've received our first line of merchandise and they are now available on the home page of the webstore. Premium garments featuring amazing prints on quality material. We currently have two long sleeve fishing shirts and one cotton tee.

We also have three different curved bill hats and a head sock.

Vinyl Stickers

We've now added two different size, vinyl stickers of our three new logos. The large sticker is laminated and suitable for outdoor use.


Crab Flig

We've added a new 'Crab Flig' to our original range of Fligs. Product testing on the flats at the Cocos Keeling Islands was extremely successful. 

Our first flip, the 'Shrimp Flig', is going from strength to strength. Now available in new larger hook sizes, 1/0 and 3/0.

YouTube Channel

Our Youtube Channel is up and running. We are currently three episodes into our 'Flats Series'. Please feel free to have a look, leave a comment, and if you're so inclined, hit that subscribe button.

International Shipping Rates (05/04/21)

We have just updated our international shipping pricing and added to our list of International shipping destinations around the world.

Our super light weight and innovative Fligs, are great value when it comes to pricing for International Shipping. Standard shipping (including tracking) for 20 Fligs to the USA is only $21.50AUD. 

Flig update (31/03/21)

Flig logo has been sorted, packaging ordered, hooks and materials have arrived.

Shrimp Fligs - Now available

Bonefish on light spin tackle, too much fun.

New Product - Swing Heads

Swing heads are now available in 4 sizes and 5 colour schemes (+ raw). Perfect for the DIY'er who likes to make there own demersal jigs to fish plastics or bait.

New Distributor

I am pleased to announce that Bruce and his team at Kimberley Outback & Camping Supplies in Broome have joined the ranks of Big John's Jigs distributors. Everything eats jigs in the Kimberley so make sure you call in if you're travelling through for some jigs and local knowledge.

They are located at the Corner of Frederick Street and Cable Beach Road.

On Leave

I will be away on leave from the 19/9 till the 10/10. Orders received during that time will be processed when I return from leave.

Custom Jigs

If you're after a custom colour scheme please don't hesitate to ask, I can only say no if I can't make it happen.

'Minnow' Bucktail Banana's on XXH hooks

Gift Cards

Gift cards are now available for purchase in our online store. 

New 'Demersals / 20-50 metres' Jig Pack now available - 23/7/19

Selection of jigs from 2oz to 6oz. Over $170 worth or products for $155, including free Australia wide shipping.

Delayed processing time for new orders - 7/5/19

Totally under the pump at the moment. As of the 7/5, new orders will not be processed until the after the 20/5 (at the minimum).

Please take this into consideration if you are considering placing an order.

Stubby Holders - available 08/03/19

'Big John's Jigs' Stubby Holders - INTRODUCTORY PRICE $5.00ea

Made locally in Perth, WA by Mr Stubby.


  • 5mm neoprene
  • neoprene base
  • taped seam
  • two 'Big John's Jigs' logos for visibility from either direction
  • available in black, navy blue, red, pink and white

Extended Production Timeline (22/11/18)

Things are starting to get a little crazy at the moment. I'd like to thank my customers around Australia for their amazing support, it's blown me away.

I have several big orders on the go and I'm also trying to put together a large quantity of jigs for a new distributor. As such my manufacturing timeline for new orders has blown out to approximately 10 - 12 days. Please take this into consideration when placing an order.

Hopefully I'll get on top of things shortly and will be back to that 3-5 day timeline.


We are happy to announce that we are now offering AfterPay as a payment option. Perfect timing for those wanting to fill their own Xmas Stocking or that of a loved one.

Berkley Soft Plastics

We are proud to announce that we are now stocking Berkley Soft Plastics. Our aim is to stock soft plastics that compliment our jig heads. To that end our initial Berkley soft plastic range includes Powerbait 8" Grubs and Gulp! King Shrimp 5" and 7".

Saltwater Bucktail Jigs

The bucktail and feather variant of the popular Saltwater Leadhead Jig range. From 1/2oz to 3oz, built on premium Mustad hooks.

Marabou Banana Jigs

A modern take on the classic white crappie jig. Sticky sharp 'Owner' hooks and premium Marabou feathers. Perfect for summer flatfish action.

Shipping Price increase

In line with Australia Posts October 1st price increases on its Parcel Post and Express Post satchels, I have increased the flat rate shipping amount for my products from $12 to $13 for all orders under $125. If you would like Express Shipping, there is now a $3 surcharge.

This is Australia Posts third price increase in 24 months, hence I have had to, unfortunately, increase my shipping rates to match theirs.

New Product: XOS Bullet Soft Plastic Jig Heads

Now available, XOS jig heads for soft plastics in the 9" plus range. Built on premium Mustad hooks, head sizes available include 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16oz.

Product Update: Bucktail Banana Jigs

Bucktail Banana Jigs now available in Glow White colour scheme. Perfect for fishing in low light conditions such as early morning and late afternoon.

Big Johns Research & Development Trip

It's that time of the year when keen Perth metro fishers turn their thoughts to trips above the 26th parallel. I'm getting in on the action with my one time number one pilbara deckie James, heading to the warm waters around the top of the Exmouth Gulf for a Big Johns Jigs R&D trip. As such I won't be processing any store orders between the 4th and 20th of April.

If you're chasing some of my products for the April school holidays please order before the 4th of April. No problem with ordering between the 4th and 20th but delivery won't take place until the last week of April.

Thanks in advance, Big John

Saltwater Leadhead Jigs (12/03/17)

Premium saltwater leadhead jigs, incorporating an 8" soft plastic grub tail. Built on heavy duty mustad hooks and featuring ss soft plastic keeper cast into the back of the jig head. Ideal for XOS demersals. Currently available in 3, 4 and 6oz (8 and 10oz available on request).

Premium Snapback and Mesh Trucker Flat Bill Caps (01/03/17)

Now available in the online store, like all Big John's Jigs products, these are a premium quality item.

Phantom Leadhead Jigs (06/01/17)

Starting production of a new leadhead jig featuring an 'inner' nylon tail surrounded by an 'external' natural bucktail.

  • available in 1oz and 1.5oz weights.
  • built on 7/0 and 8/0 Gamakatsu 604 heavy wire hooks.
  • premium 'pearl white' powder coating.
  • 3d stick on waterproof eyes.
  • overall length - 120 & 130mm.

Big John's Jigs Laminated Stickers (22/11/16)

Outdoor quality laminated stickers suitable for display on your vehicle, trailer, truck or boat. Stickers are priced to sell at cost price. 

'Synthetic' Bucktail Banana Jigs (14/10/16)

This synthetic (nylon) tailed version of the Bucktail Banana Jig was developed in collaboration with Ryan Thipthorp (Host of Fishing WA) for the Cockburn Sound pink snapper season.

It features extra long tail material to give the jig a larger profile in the water, yet still retaining its light weight for the relatively shallow conditions where the snapper are targeted. Available in three colours - Pearl White, Glow Pink and Glow Yellow Chartreuse.

Designed to be cast and retrieved back with a jerk and pause action. This will allow the jig to rise and fall like a darting baitfish, at the same time the extra long tail will pulse, bringing the jig to life.

Pagratus Jig Heads

I have had several requests from both existing and potential customers for some 'XXX strong' soft plastic jig heads to fish for local xos pink snapper as well as from our Gascoyne rock platforms for large cobia and various species of tuna which regularly make lightning raids on the stones. These northern fish in particular are targeted with heavy spin gear in an effort to produce short, brutal fights and land them before the plagues of sharks which frequent the area take both fish and jig. This type of battle takes a tremendous toll on gear, with all components in the system needing to be 100% reliable.

To this end I have managed to source an excellent mold in the US from a custom cnc mold manufacturer. This mold is currently being shipped to Big John's Jigs along with what most sport fisherman believe are the the toughest jig hooks on the planet, 7/0 owner 5319's. None of this gear comes cheap of course and the price of the jig heads will reflect it, but as usual we'll do our best to provide you with a fair price for a great product. When you're hooked up to the xos pinkie of your dreams or a 20kg long tail from the stones, you won't be thinking about the extra couple of dollars you paid for a BJJ's Pagratus Jig Head.

Raw head images featuring mustad 91715 jig hooks (reference pic only).

I look forward to having these available for sale in the early spring in 1/2, 1, 1.5. and 2oz weights, all featuring 7/0 xxx owner jig hooks and available in assorted glow colours.

Update 10/8/16

Pagratus mold has arrived.

Update 29/8/16

Owner 5319 7/0 jig hooks have arrived.

Final update 20/9/16

Pagratus jig heads now for sale in the online store.

Product Packaging

After a long seven week wait, including site visits and email communication back and forth between myself and both the graphic designer and printer, I've finally received and started packing my products into their custom sleeves topped with their individual header cards. Very happy with the final look of the packaging.

Powder Coating

I am currently in the process of superseding all of the economy jigs which feature a duralloy powder coating. As of the 20th of September, all jigs sold by Big John's Jigs will feature premium hard wearing powder paint.

Existing stock made with the superseded duralloy coating are now up for sale at a heavily discounted price in the 'Clearance' section of the online store.

John Marshall (Big Johns Jigs)