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Recommendation - Troy Cassell (Aitutaki)

Date - Nov, 2023

Media - Email

Products purchased:

  • Shrimp Flig - Size 2 / Old Faithful, Captain Smith
  • Shrimp Flig - Size 1 / Old Faithful, Captain Smith

"Hi John,

Fligs worked a treat, even got an unknown species first cast from the lagoon outside my bungalow.

Went Bone fishing around One Foot Island and managed to pick up two and my wife got one, only issue was my wife's was a lot bigger than mine.

Unbelievable experience, they are great fun on light tackle.

Thanks again for all your help."

Troy Cassell


Recommendation - Shannan Bamforth (Cocos Islands)

Date - Oct, 2023

Media - Email

Products purchased:

  • Mantis Flig - Size 2 / Sand
  • Mantis Flig - Size 1 / Sand
  • Shrimp Flig - Size 1 / Old Faithful

"G'Day mate,

Bonefish ticked off!!!!!

Just want to say your jigs were firecrackers on the bones. Your workmanship and attention to detail is next level. Watching medium sized bonefish fighting over the flig as you walk it past them on the flats is so much fun.

Caught them on a few other little lures but your gear was hands down the pick.

If I head back I'll carry 100% your gear."




Recommendation - Heath Harden (Mackerel Islands)

Date - Sept, 2023

Media - Email

Products purchased:

  • Demersals 30 - 100m / Mega Pack
"Hi Big John
We have just returned from our annual escape to the Mackerel Islands.  As is always the case we had an amazing week on the water.
After learning about the effectiveness of your jigs last year, we were much better prepared and travelled north with a couple of your mega packs between us this year.  To say they were good at attracting big demersal fish is an understatement.  There was rarely a drop with your jigs where we didn't hook onto something substantial which provided thumping tail shakes and rugged darts back to wherever they came from.  Unfortunately the tax men were pretty hungry this year and not too many of them made it all the way to the landing net.  There is no question they are fine diners and like picking off the quality fish!
I have attached a couple of photo's of some that made it through.  Thanks again for producing high quality Australian made gear.  We will be sure to be in touch ahead of our trip again in 2024."

Recommendation - Brady Green (Kuri Bay Sportfishing client)

Date - Sept, 2023

Media - Email

Products purchased: (all white)

  • 1/2oz XXH Bucktail Banana
  • 1oz Hard Head Bucktail
  • 1oz XXH Bucktail Banana
  • 2oz Hard Head Bucktail
  • 2oz Saltwater Bucktail

"Hi John

It was an excellent trip, initially I felt like I misunderstood Tux when he told us all we need is the order we placed with you, I wanted many different jigs to play with as we had such a huge variety of fish to catch.  But as the week passed it became clear that your jigs catch so many species, we trawled, we casted, we bottom fished and they worked well in all situations. We ran out of the 2oz first but basically used all the jigs and they caught really well."


Recommendation - Andrew Jarvis

Date - Jun, 2021

Media - Western Angler Magazine


Review - Scott Coghlan (Sunday Times)

Date - 20 Jun, 2021

Media - Newspaper Article


Customer - Mark Seares

Date - 10 Oct, 2020

Media - Email

Products purchased:

  • 6oz Saltwater Leadhead Jigs

"Hey John,

Just thought I’d let you know I’m a total convert to your jigs.

We’ve been fishing here in Augusta for 4 years and use plastics & jigs almost exclusively. The go-to has always been Berkley Nitro-heads with Z-Man plastics, but I’m completely sold on your jigs now, having nailed several dhuis, pinkies, nannygai et al. Quality is top notch. Mates on nearby boat were using baits and struggled all day, while we bagged out in no time. Pics are not trophy fish by any count, but just to show the jigs were successful.

Hoping for another trip north when things settle down and really keen to try them up around Exmouth.

Cheers, Mark"


Customer - Liam Hynes

Date - 09 June, 2019

Media - Email

Products purchased:

  • Tropical Waters 5-70 metres / Mega Pack

"Thanks John, 

That last order I got and brought to Stanage Bay In QLD, out fished everything on the boat and quality fish too, had lost most of the 3oz plus after 2 days so was a bit harder fish deep with the smaller ones. I was so busy catching fish only got 1 photo of a 18kg GT with jig in mouth. They caught everything from Red Emperor, Nannygai, Trout, Cod, Sweet Lip, travelly, Spanish mackerel and the list goes on mate.   So you will have a lot of orders over the next few weeks from the guys on the trip. Everybody was blown away with Big Johns Jigs and all wished they had brought some... "


Customer - Boyd Stocker

Date - 28 April, 2018

Media - Facebook Review

Products purchased:

  • 6oz Saltwater Leadhead Jig - glow white
  • 8oz Saltwater Leadhead Jig - glow white
  • 6oz Demersei Leadhead Jig - glow white, glow pink

"Just spent 4 days at the Abrolhos Islands abusing Big Johns Jigs. They out fished all other lures/jigs and plastics that were lowered to 60/80 meters. Used Saltwater Leadhead 6/8oz and the Demersei 6oz in glow white and pink, even had a four foot shark put them to the chew and he lost. Their very easy to use, a gentle up and follow the lure down, ps hold on on the down as that’s when they get smashed".


Professional Fishing Guide - Robert 'Bluey' Vaughan

Date - 11 January, 2018

Media - Email 

Products used (and abused):

  • 2oz Nylon Banana - pearl white
  • 2oz Hard Head Leadhead - white
  • 1oz Hard Head Leadhead - white
  • 1/2, 3/4, 1.5 Bucktail Banana - pearl white

"Up north the best all-round lure is the simple, yet deadly effective, lead head jig. And the best all-round lead head jig is a Big John’s Jig. They come with a strong saltwater hook, a bullet proof paint job and a hard wearing tail. That’s why they’re my lead head jig of choice".

Bluey Vaughan

One Tree Beach Fishing Camp. EST. 1991


Customer - Simon Milne

Date - 10 July, 2017

Media - Facebook Message

Products purchased:

  • 2oz Nylon Banana - pearl white
  • 2oz Hard Head Leadhead - pearl white
  • 1oz Hard Head Leadhead - pearl white
  • 1/2, 1, 1.5, 2oz Bucktail Banana - pearl white

"Hi John. Your jigs worked a treat. We caught heaps of great fish on them trolled, jigged or retrieved on top. We lost a few but left most with Bluey (Kimberley Fishing owner and guide) as he was keen to use them. Dare say we will need a new lot for future trips!"


Customer - Paul Hughes

Date - 5 April, 2017

Media - Facebook Message

Products purchased:

  • 4oz Saltwater Leadhead - glow white/hot pink tail

"Hey John your 4oz glow head 9" tail did the trick over the bait on Sunday in 40m, I'll be keeping a few more of these in the boat. Cheers, great product and easy website to buy from".

Question regarding how the 9" soft plastic tail went:

"Not bad, a small tear 15mm in the tail around the hook. But still good to reuse. The glow is really good too on the head and the paint did not chip around the eye surprising as I had it clipped on rather than tied directly. The dhuie went 6.8kg and 75cm". 


Customer - Peter Tucker

Date - 23 October, 2016

Media - Email

Products purchased:

  • 2oz Nylon Banana (8/0, white)
  • 1/2oz Hard Head (white)
  • 1oz Hard Head (white)
"Hi John, the jigs where by far the most consistent catcher of fish, from Golden trevally, GT'S to Coral Trout. The clients also had a swag of jigs from other sources, your jigs, I rate. We had several photos taken of captures with your jigs, I must get them sent to you. They are on clients cameras. Only had one jig fail us, the buck tail came off, but after a few captures.

I will continue to use your product."
Regards Peter
Peter Tucker Proprietor
Fresh Water Cove Wilderness Fishing


Customer - James Grey

Date - 30 September, 2016

Media - Big John's Jigs Facebook Page 

Products purchased:

  • 2oz Nylon Banana (dragonfly)
  • Quobba Candy (redbug)
  • Hard Head Premium (white/red/white)

"Hey, Big John. Just took 6 of yours to Dampier for a week. None returned! The fish loved them and wanted to take them home. Cod, trout, spanglies etc on the bottom (especially the banana jig) and mackies on a fast retrieve. Your claims about the hardness of your finish are well made - they can really take some punishment and stay looking perfect. The tails really hang in there as well - perfectly tied and finished. I had a couple of other jig brands as well, they were really ordinary in comparison".


Customer - Dylan Hutchinson

Date - 23 July, 2016

Media - Email 

Products purchased:

  • 1/2oz Bucktail Banana Jig (Pearl White)
  • 3/4oz Bucktail Banana Jig (Pearl White)
  • 1/2 Bucktail Banana Jig (Pearl White)

"Hi John,

Your bucktail banana jigs excelled in Exmouth in otherwise adverse conditions with the wind blowing strongly throughout our week there.

The paint finish stood up excellently to pylons, rocks and reefs as did the binding of the hairs which were laid nicely, giving the jigs a great action. I found the 3/4oz and 1oz models worked best for me, allowing me to get a good cast out on lightish gear, and had a great sink rate. They worked superbly on the kayaks and just as well off the beach and rocks. The hooks as expected never looked like failing.

The mackies loved them as always, as did plenty of unstoppable reef species and, of course, the millions of charlie courts present couldn't resist.

I look forward to using them again on my next trip and in the future, hopefully in better weather.



Reviewer - Andrew Jarvis

Date - 7 July, 2016

Media - Albany Advertiser

Products purchased/used:

  • 2oz Hard Head Economy
  • 3oz Spire Point
  • 1.5oz Nylon Banana


Customer - Mark Bantich 

Date - 9 June, 2016

Media - Big Johns Jigs Facebook Page

Products purchased:

  • 1/2oz Bucktail Banana

"Hi John,

Some feedback on the jigs. The longer trip was good and some home outings have been good too. First up, the jigs do what a good jig does, which is good. They swim well and the finish is great. The paint holds well. The bucktail is tied on well and didn't give on any of the ones I've used so far.

The bucktail, as expected of bucktail, does get hammered a bit but that is not an issue - it's good bucktail and it lies straight.

The hooks have had no trouble on trevally to 10 kilos so far. I hooked one of around 25 kilos and the hooks were bent out of shape pretty quickly - bit that is to be expected with a smaller hook on a very large fish. The jigs easily handled a number of fish before the bucktail gave way, except for mackerel obviously.

The heads are good on a flat retrieve or a slow deeper jig - they have caught a range of bottom fish and pelagics now.

Great jigs. The next order I'll probably see if you can swop the bucktail for goat hair, but that will depend on sourcing supplies though I'd imagine. They fibres are a bit shorter but they do last a bit longer.

Great jigs all up, I'll be ordering more and I hope you get enough clientele to make it worthwhile to keep tying them for the long term."

Cheers, Mark


Customer - Brad Park

Date - 09/12/2015

Media - Report on

Products purchased:

  • Quobba Candy (white)

"Hi all, just got back from a great Quobba trip and want to send out a big thanks to Big John who made us some lead head jigs. They were fantastic, cast well and came through the water brilliantly leaving the best bubble trail I've seen from all the jigs I've used. If you are heading up there during the sharkie run I suggest you get onto him to make you some. I will get him to make some soft plastic heads as we had a ball on Cobia with them."

Cheers Brad.


Customer - Joe Bentley 

Date - 03/12/2015

Media - Report on

Products purchased:

  • Quobba Candy (white & red/white)

"Having just got back from Quobba (report to follow at some stage), these were my observations pertaining to lure 'effectiveness':

1. - Big Johns Quobba Candy in white was most productive for shark macks and also a few small spanish, red heads did work also but would say white was the go to. Also taking cobia to 125 cm on them."