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To minimise our ecological footprint, we only use clean, recycled lead which is sourced from a variety of places.

I am always on the lookout to purchase clean lead from around the Perth metropolitan area. I am happy to pay $2 per kg for clean lead. If you have any you would like to sell please contact me via email:


All of our jigs are made from premium brand jig hooks, such as Eagle Claw, Gamakatsu, Mustad and Owner.

Powder Coating

Premium powder paint, oven baked at 180 degrees, extremely hard wearing and vibrant. 

Clear overcoat is now standard on all of our heads, for improved finish durability. Purple Candy, Chrome and Black coloured heads do not have a clear coat, as it dilutes the main colour.

Glow coloured heads feature a three-step colour process, undercoat, main colour and clear overcoat.

Tail Materials

Natural - premium bucktail, marabou feathers and rooster saddle feathers.

Synthetic - straight nylon, mylar, krystal flash.

Tail Binding

Premium colourfast 'D' size rod binding thread.

Binding sealed with waterproof 24hr epoxy resin.


Hand painted enamel eyes:

  • Bullet Jig Heads.
  • Bucktail Banana Jigs.
  • Hard Head Leadhead Jigs.
  • Nylon Banana Jigs.
  • Quobba Candy.

Waterproof stick-on eyes:

  • Hard Head Premium Leadhead Jigs.
  • Spire Point Premium Leadhead Jigs.

Waterproof 3D stick-on eyes:

  • Demersei Leadhead Jigs.
  • Phantom Leadhead Jigs.
  • Saltwater Leadhead 'Jnr' Jigs.
  • Saltwater Leadhead Jigs.
  • Saltwater Bucktail Jigs.


Sourced locally from Western Australian suppliers. Our header cards are printed at Percival Print in East Perth.