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About us


"Built by a fisherman, for fishermen (and fisherwomen)"

Welcome to Big John's Jigs online store.

I am a Western Australian based independent manufacturer, online retailer and wholesale supplier of custom-made leadhead jigs, bucktail jigs and saltwater soft plastic jig heads. All of my products are 100% hand made in Australia by myself. I have a keen eye for detail, all products I put up for sale must satisfy the most critical eye I've ever known, my own!

My first experience with jig heads came about when I was a young fella using Mr Twister tails to fish for Swan River flatfish. Leadhead jigs came up a bit later, my first experience with making them came about in 1987 when my Dad and I made a heap of 2oz leadheads for a trip to fish the phenomenal shark mackerel run which happens in early summer at Quobba. I can still remember Dad's instructions on how to use them, 'cast them out and wind them back flat out, if you're not getting hit wind faster'.

In the mid 2000's I started making leadheads as a hobby. My first model was inspired by one of the original heads I still had from 1987. I used a heap of my own jigs, gave a few jigs away, got some positive feedback, and then started selling them as a hobby through, one of the better fishing forums I've come across. The biggest trouble I had was not selling the jigs but finding consistent suppliers of the raw materials, now days I'm sourcing ninety percent of my materials (apart from lead) from the USA as there is almost zero raw materials available for jig making in Australia.

Since then, I have slowly accumulated and experimented with a variety of molds, powder coatings and fluid beds, in the process developing the knowledge that goes with making a quality product.  

Online Presence

I am a long time member of the 'Fishwrecked Forum' where I can be seen posting under the username of 'big john'. A search for Big Johns Jigs will come up with multiple hits and anecdotal reviews from satisfied customers.

My Youtube channel @bigjohnsjigs contains an expanding range of how to videos based on my products.

Finally I also have an account on Instagram, just follow @bigjohnsjigsau for all things jig related, including construction, products and customer catches.

Shipping Times

Big John's Jigs makes custom jigs to satisfy individual orders, we carry a limited inventory of all jigs and colours in stock. As such it may not be possible to have your order shipped within 48 hours of receiving payment. Once payment has been received, all standard orders (less than 100 jigs) will ship within 10 days. 

If you would like to place a bulk order (100 jigs +), please contact me in advance to discuss the time required to fulfil such an order.

International Shipping

Sometimes the algorithm's on the webstore throw up an incorrect (heavier weight). If you are keen to place an international order and would like to maximise the amount of product for a certain shipping weight, please email me at:

I will be more than happy to calculate the exact weight of your order to maximise the value of product you receive for your shipping charge. Once the exact weight has been calculated I can send you a PayPal invoice for payment.

Custom Orders

We carry an extensive range of handmade jigs, but we also understand that sometimes our customers have something specific in mind, whether it be a larger size hook or a unique colour scheme.

If you after something unique please don't hesitate to get in touch via email: or through the 'messenger' application on Big John's Jigs facebook page. Prices can be negotiated and then payment arranged via a PayPal invoice.

Custom jigs usually take up to 7 days to manufacture and there may be a small surcharge depending on the level of customisation.

Some custom Saltwater Leadheads for a fisherman in Karratha.


I have fished extensively throughout Western Australia and am more than happy to provide obligation free advice on using any of my products. Please contact me by email if you would like any advice or recommendations. Please note, this advice is general in nature and not legally binding.


 Thanks in advance for your support.

Tight Lines,

John Marshall