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New 'Worm' Fligs to target Yellowfin Whiting NOW available to order 

Bonefish are one of the world's great sport fish, they frequent shallow flats in exotic locations, are hard to spot (even in 12 inches of clear water), have amazing eyesight, are easily spooked by a clumsy presentation or angler, actively hunt prey, have amazing bursts of speed courtesy of their oversized tail and are beautiful to handle. As such they have long been in the realm and dreams of the Saltwater Flyrodder.

But what IF you could target them using artificials with a light tackle spinning outfit?

That question has long been floating around in the back of mind, the offer of a trip to the Cocos Keeling Islands in January 2021 with one of my customers brought it right into focus. Plenty of research on the internet, chatting online with bonefish guides, sourcing materials and the right hooks, brushing up on Fusion 360 and the 3D printer, moldmaking and jig tying, finally resulting in these original, shrimp fligs. Product testing was a huge learning curve but also amazingly rewarding, being able to unlock the key to chasing this amazing sport fish with light spin tackle was a real buzz.

November 2021 saw me return to the Cocos Keeling Islands with a new addition to the Flig range, in the form of a 'Crab Flig'. Inspired by the highly successful Alphlexo Crab fly. Product testing with these prototype crab fligs was another large learning curve, but just as before, amazingly rewarding. Unlocking the key to chasing bonefish on the 'crab' was very exciting. Now, where are those permit?

Fish on fligs

Don't chase bonefish? Well, pretty much any predatory fish that eats small prawns or shrimps are a possibility for these shrimp fligs. To that extent, we currently are offering these shrimp fligs in 4 different hook sizes. From bonefish to yellowfin whiting, there's a shrimp flig for all occasions.

Target Species:

  • tropical flats predators such as bonefish, bluefin trevally, barred trevally, golden trevally, permit and blue bastards.
  • Australian estuary species such as flathead, flounder, yellowfin whiting and black bream.


Shrimp Fligs - when chasing bonefish, the best retrieve is a slow constant rolling retrieveThe key is to spot the fish first, determine which way it is heading and then cast ahead of and 3-5 metres behind the fish. Quickly reel the flig in ahead of the fish and then slow down to a slow rolling retrieve. The fish will usually turn onto the flig, trail it and then inhale it. When you feel tension come onto the line, smoothly lift the rod to set the hook.

Crab Fligs - for bonefish, a similar procedure as above, however the slow constant retrieve is interspersed with a flick of the rod tip and brief pause that causes the crab to 'jump' forward and then stop. This is particularly effective when the fish is trailing in behind the crab flig but not committing. The little jump forward and pause is often the key to unlocking the fish's jaw. 

Worm Fligs - specifically designed to target yellowfin whiting on the flats. Slow constant retrieve with some quick micro flicks of the rod tip to make the worm 'jump forward approximately 6 inches at a time. The little jump forward and pause is often the key to unlocking the fish's jaw. 


To see these innovative Fligs in action on bonefish and yellowfin whiting, please check out our 'Big John's Jigs' YouTube channel.


Due to their ultra-light weight, our Australian made Fligs are a great option when it comes to International Shipping. Up to 20 Fligs will fit in to our cheapest rate International parcels. This is great value, especially considering all our prices are also in Australian Dollars. The exchange rate certainly works in your favour.

Eg. The standard shipping charge (including tracking) for 20 Fligs to the USA is only $22.50AUD!