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Worm Fligs

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## Designed to imitate a worm poking its head up on the flats ##


Yellowfin Whiting are an active little flats predator and a perfect ultra lights tackle target on artificials. Found across the majority of Australia, summer months and warm water seems to fire up there predatory instincts.

These worm fligs have been designed to target them with ultra-light spinning tackle. A slow constant retrieve with some quick micro flicks of the rod tip to make the worm 'jump forward approximately 6 inches at a time has worked best during product testing. The little jump forward and pause, is often the key to unlocking the fish's jaw. 

Target Species:

  • Australian estuary species such as yellowfin whiting and flathead.


  • 'premium' size 4, XH Mustad black nickel hooks.
  • 'premium' size 6, XH Mustad black nickel hooks.
  • approximately 1/13oz.
  • innovative head design means flig will always land the right way up.
  • neutral coloured flig heads to blend in with the flats environment.
  • available in blood and brown worm colour schemes.
  • durable body material. 

Colour Schemes: (Left to Right)

  • Blood Worm
  • Brown (Natural) Worm

    Pro Tip:

    A small, quality spinning reel, full of premium 6lb braid and a fast taper, 7 foot plus spinning rod is the key to maximising your casting distance and effectiveness with these fligs.  


    To see these innovative Fligs in action, please check out our 'Big John's Jigs' YouTube channel.


    Due to their ultra-light weight, our Australian made Fligs are a great option when it comes to International Shipping. Up to 20 Fligs will fit in to our cheapest rate International parcels. This is great value, especially considering all our prices are in Australian Dollars. The exchange rate certainly works in your favour.

    Eg. The standard shipping charge (including tracking) for 20 Fligs to the USA is only $22.50AUD!

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