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Northern Land Based Sportfishing - Mega Pack

  • $155.00


## Over $175 worth of products for $155, inc FREE shipping Australia wide ## 

Designed for Western Australia's iconic land based sportfishing locations such as Quobba, Steep Point and Dirk Hartog Island.

Hard Head Leadhead and Hard Head Bucktails now built on Mustad 6/0 and 7/0 XXH hooks for added strength and durability..


  • 2 @ 1.5oz Shad Jig Head (Mustad 6/0XXH) - (Glow White, Glow Yellow)
  • 2 @ 1.5oz Saltwater Bucktail Jig (Pearl White, Glow Orange/White)
  • 1 @ 1.5oz Saltwater Leadhead 'Jnr' Jig (Pearl White/Blue/White)
  • 2 @ 2oz Pagratus Jig Head (Owner 7/0XXX) - (Glow White, Glow Pink)
  • 3 @ 2oz XXH Hard Head Leadhead (Pearl White)
  • 2 @ 2oz XXH Hard Head Premium Bucktail Jig (Pearl White, Blue Candy/Blue)
  • 2 @ 2oz Saltwater Bucktail Jig (Pearl White, Glow Pink/Pink-White)
  • 2 @ 2oz Quobba Candy Leadhead Jig (Chrome Flash, Redbug/White)
  • 2 @ 2.5oz XXH Hard Head Leadhead Jig (Chrome Flash, Redbug/White)
  • 1 @ 2.5oz XXH Hard Head Premium Bucktail Jig (Redbug/Red/Red-White)
  • 1 @ 3oz Spire Point Premium Leadhead Jig (Pearl White)


  • high speed spinning for shark and spanish mackerel
  • land based jigging for cobia
  • working soft plastics for demersals and cobia


High Speed Spin (HH, QC) – Ideal for belting out from the rocks at places like Quobba and cranking back at high speed for shark mackerel and mackerel tuna. You can search for fish in the water column by letting the jig sink for varying amounts of time before you start the retrieve. Keep varying the depth/sink time until you find the fish.

Cast, sweep, retrieve (SWB, PAG, SHAD)– a great technique to use when chasing cobia from land based platforms such as those found at Quobba. Cast the jig out, let it sink for the desired time, then sweep your rod sideways to bring the jig forward, wind up the slack as you bring the rod back in front of you, then repeat. The hit normally coming on the pause/drop when you wind up the slack so keep an eye out for a jerk on the slack line. Braid line is best for this type of technique.

# Please allow up to 7 days for pack manufacture #


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