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8oz Demersei Leadhead Jig

  • $17.95


8oz premium leadhead jigs built extra tough for hard fighting seriola species such as samson fish and yellowtail kings as well as XOS demersal fish. These jigs are designed to be used as they are, however their attraction can be further improved with the addition of a large soft plastic to the XXX Owner swing hook.


  • XXX Owner 11/0 black chrome hook.
  • premium powder paint, oven baked to form a super durable finish.
  • clear overcoat for added finish durability.
  • extra long nylon tails incorporating dual shimmer flash strips.
  • tail binding sealed with epoxy resin for longevity.
  • premium 3D stick on eyes.
  • soft plastic tails NOT included.
  • overall length - 180mm.


  • demersal fish such as dhufish, breaksea cod, queen snapper, rankin cod, black jewfish, various cods, coral trout etc.
  • seriola's such as yellowtail kingfish, samson fish and amberjacks.


Jigging – the extra long nylon tail is designed to pulse around your chosen soft plastic, retro-fitted to the XXX Owner swing hook as it is jigged, this combination working best with a slow pitch jigging technique. Try and use the lightest jig possible so that the jig is trailing behind the boat at no more than a 20 degree angle (off vertical), if it is planing up behind the boat, use a heavier version.

This jig is ideal for dropping to the bottom, winding it up slightly, and then leaving the rod in the rod holder, allowing the natural rock of the boat to do the work. You can then work a more active jig / bucktail / plastic on a second, hand-held rod.


If you run out of replacement soft plastic tails, a thin belly strip (skin on) from a fish such as a mackerel, tuna, trevally or a skinned octopus leg, trailing from the bend of the hook, make a great alternative.

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