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1oz Hard Head Premium Leadhead Jig - XL Tuna

  • $8.25

A new addition to the range, designed to specifically target various tuna species by high speed spinning through feeding fish, trolling around the periphery of feeding fish or trolling whilst searching for fish. 

The extra long tail incorporating mylar strips on either side, increases the size of the jigs profile without increasing its weight. If you find fish feeding on smaller sized bait this extra long tail can be cut down to 'match the hatch' using a sharp pair of scissors.


  • Mustad 6/0 HD Black Nickel hook.
  • Premium powder paint, oven baked to form a super durable finish.
  • Clear overcoat for added paint durability.
  • Glow colours can be charged up with a torch or light, they will then glow in the dark. UV light will provide the best charge.
  • XL nylon tail hand bound, binding sealed with epoxy resin for longevity.
  • Mylar flash strips on either side of nylon tail.
  • Hand painted enamel eyes.
  • Overall length - 125mm.

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