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1.5oz Phantom Leadhead Jig (Small dirt mark in clear coat)

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These versatile jigs have been designed to combine the durability of a synthetic nylon tail with the action and bulk of natural bucktail material. 


    • 8/0 'heavy wire' Gamakatsu hooks.
    • premium powder paint, oven baked to form a super durable finish.
    • hand bound durable nylon 'inner' tail and an 'external' natural bucktail.
    • inner and external tail binding sealed individually with epoxy resin for longevity.
    • hand painted enamel eyes.
    • overall length - 130mm.


    • pelagic fish such as spanish mackerel, shark mackerel, cobia, various trevally etc.
    • demersal fish such as dhufish, breaksea cod, queen snapper, rankin cod, black jewfish, various cods, coral trout, fingermark etc.


    Trolling – a good option for trolling at 6-8 knots when moving between spots or trying to match the hatch on pelagics such as feeding tuna. Don’t troll directly through schools of feeding fish, stick to the outskirts and ideally cross in front of whatever direction they are heading. If trolling more than one lure, keep trolling for 50 metres or so after you first hook up in an effort to elicit more strikes and load up more rods.

    High Speed Spin – a handy jig to have rigged up on a casting rod, when you come across feeding pelagics, belt it into the school and crank back at speed. You can also search for fish in the water column by letting the jig sink for varying amounts of time before you start the retrieve. Keep varying the depth/sink time until you find the fish.

    Jigging – this hybrid jig can also be vertically jigged. The bucktail will pulse around the durable, inner nylon tail, creating a fish attracting action.

    PRO TIP:

    Wash in fresh water after use to prevent the Gamakatsu HW hook from developing rust spots.


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