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1.5oz Hard Head Premium Leadhead Jig

  • $8.25

## XXH hook suitable for medium braid tackle ##

    Made for high speed spinning for pelagics from land based fishing platforms such as Quobba. The beauty of a leadhead jig is that it's a viable option no matter which way the wind is blowing.

    These jigs are also deadly on coral trout and coronation trout when vertically jigged in shallow water around 20m deep. If things are unusually quiet, you can also use them for bottom fishing with a sliver of fish flesh added to the hook as a 'sweetener'.

    Target Species:

    • pelagics such as spanish mackerel, shark mackerel, various tuna species, various trevally, cobia etc.
    • demersals such as XOS coral trout and rankin cod.


    • 5/0 Mustad XXH UltraPoint hook.
    • premium powder paint, oven baked to form a super durable finish.
    • clear overcoat for added finish durability.
    • crimped nylon tail hand bound.
    • binding sealed with epoxy resin for longevity.
    • durable, hand painted enamel eyes.
    • dual mylar flash, tail strips.


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