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1.0oz Hard Head Premium Bucktail Jig

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A multi-technique and species jig, we are now pleased to be offering these jigs on Mustad XXH UltraPoint hooks. If you prefer to fish heavier gear, or need to muscle fish away from structure, then these XXH hook variants are ideal.


  • 6/0 Mustad XXH UltraPoint hooks.
  • premium powder paint, oven baked to form a super durable finish.
  • durable, hand painted enamel eyes.
  • hand bound premium Wapsi bucktail tails, binding sealed with epoxy resin for longevity.
  • dual mylar flash strips forming a lateral line on each side of the tail.
  • glow colours can be charged up with a torch or light, they will then glow in the dark. UV light will provide the best charge.


  • pelagics such as shark mackerel, various tuna species, various trevally, queenfish etc.
  • reef dwellers such as fingermark, coral trout, various cods etc.


Trolling - a good option for trolling at 6-8 knots when moving between spots or trying to match the hatch on pelagics such as feeding tuna. Don’t troll directly through schools of feeding fish, stick to the outskirts and ideally cross in front of whatever direction they are heading. If trolling more than one lure, keep trolling for 50 metres or so after you first hook up in an effort to elicit more strikes and load up more rods.

Jigging – the natural, hollow bucktail tail material will pulse behind the jig as it is jigged, the dual, mylar tail strip inserts will catch any light as the tail material pulses out and provide additional, fish attracting flash. Try and use the lightest jig possible (within reason), if necessary, cast the jig forward of the direction you’re drifting, strip line quickly and then bounce the jig just off the bottom as you drift over it. Once the jig is trailing behind the boat at a 20 degree angle, crank it back up and repeat the process.

High Speed Spin – Ideal for belting out from land based platforms and cranking back at high speed for shark mackerel and mackerel tuna. You can search for fish in the water column by letting the jig sink for varying amounts of time before you start the retrieve. Keep varying the depth/sink time until you find the fish. Smaller sizes are ideal for high speed spinning from a boat if chasing fussy pelagics such as tuna feeding on small bait.

Cast, flick, retrieve – a great technique when drifting over midwater lumps, shallow reef/rubble or midwater bait balls. Cast the jig away from the boat, let it sink to the desired depth, then flick it forward with a flick of the rod, wind up the slack as you drop the rod and repeat, the hit normally coming on the pause/drop when you wind up the slack.


After use, wash your bucktails in fresh water, gently straighten the tail material and allow to dry naturally. Store separately from other lures as the hollow material can easily crimp if crushed/squashed against heavy lures or sinkers stored in your tackle bag.

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