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2.5oz Nylon Banana Jig

  • $10.45


Extra long nylon tail produces a great action, in a hard wearing material.

  • 'forged' 8/0 premium Mustad hooks.
  • premium powder paint, oven baked to form a super durable finish.
  • clear overcoat for added finish durability.
  • hand painted enamel eyes.
  • hand bound nylon tails, binding sealed with epoxy resin for longevity.
  • dual mylar flash strips in tail.
  • glow colours can be charged up with a torch or light, they will then glow in the dark. UV light provides the best charge.


  • black jewfish, coral trout, trevally(s), fingermark, rankin cod, chinaman.


Jigging – the extra long nylon tail is designed to pulse behind the jig as it is jigged, however unlike a soft plastic, the nylon tail materials resistance to damage from fish means you are always in the game, even after multiple hits on the same drift. Try and use the lightest jig possible (within reason), if necessary cast the jig forward of the direction you’re drifting, strip line quickly and then bounce the jig just off the bottom as you drift over it. Once the jig is trailing behind the boat at a 20 degree angle, crank it back up and repeat the process.

Cast, flick, retrieve – a great technique when drifting over a midwater lump or drifting over shallow reef/rubble, just match the water depth to an appropriately weighted jig. Cast the jig away from the boat, let it sink to the bottom, then flick it forward with a flick of the rod, wind up the slack as you drop the rod and repeat, the hit normally coming on the pause/drop when you wind up the slack.


Coloured braid is great if using the cast forward of the boat jigging technique, it makes it easy to quickly strip off the amount needed to have the jig just off the bottom.

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